Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lazy Weekends

I feel like Saturdays and Sundays run a bit slower in Kenya. I woke up at 7am per usual and did some jump roping, pushups, crunches, etc. but few people were awake when I went to breakfast. Everyone was still asleep except for Rama, who ended up going back to bed anyway, and the faculty and Will, both whom had to be since they was going on the safari trip with the med school and pharm school students. This weekend is extremely quiet since the GIEU students left this morning and the faculty is gone. There are a total of 7 people who are living at and using Thiiri full time for two days. It’s much quieter. After everyone left, Jim and I sat around the dining room talking for a bit about plans for the day. I ended up getting a bit of laundry done and then sat around in my room until our meeting at 11am. We met with Kevin and Mwamba, an experienced entrepreneur who gave a presentation on entrepreneurship and feedback on our business ideas. My original thought was that the meeting would last two hours, tops. I was severely wrong—we ended at 2:30pm. It was quite informative but just long.

After the meeting, Tomas, Afonso, Layne, Lillian, and I walked over to BLISS. I walked some ways behind with Lillian but it was awesome. She’s very intelligent and great to hold a conversation with (Lillian and I are in the photo together).
Right now, she’s getting her MBA at Meru University. For some reason, the conversation just flowed easily; we talked about culture, life, questions we had, etc. It was really nice. Lillian and I ended up continuing our conversation while sitting in the grass while the rest of the group played soccer with the primary school kids next door to BLISS. We headed back to Thiiri around 5:30pm. After Lillian left, I ended up in a conversation with Gwin and Jim until dinner around 6:30pm. The seven of us could fit around one table in the dining hall so it definitely felt extremely empty. They also shut off the lights around Thiiri to conserve energy so it felt even later than the reality. We ended up talking at the dinner table until 8:30pm before heading to our rooms for the night.

Like I said, today was slow and a bit of lazy day.

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