Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yay I'm Gonna be an Ajumma

The days are going pretty fast; I can't believe tomorrow (or rather today) is already Wednesday. We leave Orientation in about two weeks and that shocks me...

So I emailed the old ETA at my school in Mokpo and he responded back! I was really curious as to why he didn't renew at the same school or in Mokpo (he'll be in Busan) and I had a few other questions to ask him, especially after getting the Placement Information sheet yesterday. He told me he actually wanted to renew but the school told him on the last day the school couldn't host him and they wanted a new ETA who would go to more school worships, etc (since it's a Christian school). I felt so much better about Mokpo when he told me that since I've been curious why renewees haven't been renewing in Mokpo. He also mentioned that he had an amazing homestay experience, as did the ETA before him. His opinion is that the middle school is really good at picking homestay families so I felt really happy after reading that. I'm really hoping that I'm not getting my hopes up to get disappointed though... that would totally suck. Now I'm just itching to get out of Orientation. As much as I'll miss the other ETAs, I think I'm ready to go to my placement and start teaching. I'm ready to head to Mokpo and live, actually live, in Korea. It's CRAZY to think about. I'm psyched.

So I know these next two weeks will fly by, especially since I'm involved in a few other things. Although TKD and GLEE ended (GLEE's last meeting was today-sad news bears even though we don't do very much in it), I signed up to be a part of the Talent Show Committee, which is next week, and all the ETAs have to create a class skit for a presentation in Seoul in front of Korea University, which is in two weeks. Plus, we have our final Korean language exam next Wednesday, which is a four-hour exam. Yeah, I'm not looking forward to that by any means.

For the Talent Show Committee, I'm working with Elaine to put together the slideshow that will highlight orientation moments. The theme we're doing is "Hunger Games" and Goesan is the location of the Hunger Games. We're going to do a miniskit in-between different acts in which all the committee members will be in so I'll have to practice for that too. I think it'll be a lot of fun but nonetheless, it is more work and preparation on my part.

For the class presentation in Seoul, our class is doing a dance/skit with a Batman theme. There are different situations in which Batman is interacting with someone. I play an ajumma (seriously haha) and I'm going to a restaurant with Batman where he can't handle spicy food while I can. It's going to be epic. I'm borrowing Sara's visor so I can legit look like an ajumma for the real presentation.

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