Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Korean Homebodies

When I awoke at 7am (my body is used to waking up at that time or earlier now), it was like someone turned the rain and wind on full blast outside. In the apartment, there are two sliding doors that are outside of the windows. The wind kept slamming them from side to side every few minutes. Being from Florida, it wasn't as scary as I think it would've been to someone else, but I could definitely tell there was a typhoon going on outside. Everyone else in my family was still asleep so I went back to bed. I woke up at 11am and it was the same deal--sliding door being slammed, wind howling outside, family asleep. I stayed up this time though. I honestly say what I was doing because this entire day was a blur of bumming around. I feel a little gross from all the sitting around, laying around, and sleeping that I've done today but I'm not embarrassed to admit it. I've realized that my Korean homestay family likes to stay in, for the most part. I feel like they're a bunch of homebodies. I don't think it's just my homestay either because I've talked to other ETAs and their families are really chill too. When my family woke up, we ate breakfast and I realized that my homestay dad was missing and he had actually gone into the office. It was good to know that someone had actually woken up earlier than me.

He brought us back lunch from Lotteria, which is the Korean McDonald's equivalent. I had a bulgogi burger for lunch... it had an interesting taste... The rest of the day was spent hanging out with the family. We watched tv, I taught my siblings how to play Scattegories (I gave it as a gift to them and it was fun but really hard since their English isn't the best), and I played Wii games with them. It was actually a really laid back and relaxing day. My siblings weren't hungry for dinner so only my host dad and I ate dinner at a pretty late time (9pm). I got a chance to bond with him though when I showed him pictures of my family, TKD, skydiving, etc. I told him that my dad likes to fish since we're from Florida and live 15 minutes from the beach and he expressed that he, my brother, and I would go fishing together some day. Since his English is almost nonexistent, I used a lot of google translate and gesturing.

The Mokpo crew also decided that we would meet on a weekly basis on Wednesday evenings to get dinner and catch up. I'm pretty excited for that tomorrow since it'll be nice to see familiar faces and talk in English at a normal speed.

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