Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Life for the Next Year

So I just finished writing my first day lesson plan and I realized that this will be my life for the next year. That's insane. I will be a teacher. A real teacher to 600 or so students. For better or worse, these kids will have me in their lives and I can either be someone memorable or forgettable to them. WHAT IS THIS?! How did I get here?

I really think I'm in a bit of shock. But through it all, I'm really excited. I love working with children; I think they have so much energy and potential. I'm hoping to utilize that young teenager energy and angst in a positive way in my classroom. Being at orientation is so... safe. We're protected here by the OCT, KAEC, Jungwon, Goesan, etc. When I leave for Mokpo, sure I'll be around some other ETAs but I'm gonna be on my own. I will run my classroom. I will be alone in my homestay family. I will shape how this year goes. INSANE.

Last night, I was in Payal and Hilary's room chatting with Jet, Amy T, and them until 2am. It was really nice and it was moments like last night that made me realize I'll really miss orientation. Yes, I'm ready to leave and try to live in Korea on my own for real but I'll miss the other ETAs and the "lack of responsibility," if you will. Even when I taught during Camp Fulbright, I knew it was a test run. Those weren't really my kids and I was only teaching them for one lesson. Now I'm off to teach the same hundreds of kids for a year.

Guess it is really time to grow up. This is gonna be an adventure like no other.

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