Friday, May 18, 2012


I recognize that I am a huge bum whenever I go home to Florida. I wake up late, sleep later and yet accomplish little next to nothing. I mean, I have things to do. I can do more research into Kenya and about my social entrepreneurship idea, I can study hardcore Korean before I get to orientation, work on Synergy social media stuff, etc. Yet, I literally sit around all day, usually in my pajamas. I have to force myself to do something active; yesterday, I got changed just to go to WalMart to return my Redbox DVDs. That's what my life has come to. I have two college degrees from the University of Michigan and I watch movies all day. My regents should be proud.

I guess I should start by setting goals. That is the plan. Heck, writing in this blog takes too much effort and it requires me to set a goal to do it. That has to say something.


  1. start reading some of the books you need to finish! that's what i do whenever i have nothing to do, just read! it's "investing" into my spiritual life and it's interesting!

    1. That's a good idea- I think I'll do just that.