Thursday, February 27, 2014


It's been a good week. Tracey came back to SF to visit her family since she hasn't been back to America since July 2012 so I've been kicking it with her and her family, as well as her homestay sister (who came to visit America with Tracey). We've literally just been playing and having a grand old time since she arrived on Friday. I won't lie--a lot of activities revolved around food, which works for us. Otherwise, we do a few touristy and random other things to show her host sister around SF, like visit the Golden Gate Park, go to Napa Valley, go shopping at the outlets, etc.

That aside, I think I'm starting to have a weird internal work crisis of sorts. I feel as if a good number of my co-worker friends based in the SF office are leaving the firm or the like. Sue just got engaged and her fiance lives in Chicago so there's a high possibility that she'll move to Chicago. Adithi is starting to think about exit opportunities. Mike just announced he's leaving the firm next Wednesday. It's only a few listed but these are people I hang out with outside of the office so it'll be sad not having them around on Fridays anymore. While I have really enjoyed being on the beach--working in my PJs and doing whatever I want to do, when I want, as long as I get my work done, I also feel as if I've lost so much momentum when it comes to work. I think I need to get staffed soon and get back in the game. I'm starting to feel loss of purpose when it comes to work and starting to feel like I could totally be a housewife for life. This is not least not the me that I know. That said, I know I am blessed.

I think God has shown me a lot about His love and His grace these past few months. My head knowledge has increased and in turn, I believe my life has been transformed. God is good.

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